Artemis and the treeThis site will be an ongoing anthology of sorts. It collects and orders and compresses into categories my recent writings and other artwork. Even so, like an archaeological site, this one might be a little messy, and you might have to dig through a few layers to find what you never knew you were looking for.

*shipwrecks*      *magic*      *aqualungs*      *America*      *dogs*      *witchcraft*      *folklore*      *fairy tales*      *philosophy*      *epistemology*      *submerged landscapes*      *prehistory*      *mythology*      *oneiromancy*      *tree rings*      *opera*      *forests*      *classrooms*      *shapeshifters*      *ghosts*      *Flanders*      *wetlands*      *Cyprus*      *cuneiform*      *archaeology*      *Ardennes*      *alchemy*      *North Sea*      *beaches*      *Mozart*      *manuscripts*      *Haiti*      *secrets*      *isotopes*      *seasons*      *astronomy*      *storms*      *stones*      *metaphors*      *doppelgangers*      *rivers*      *prairies*      *lyrics*      *Mediterranean*      *geology*      *archetypes*       *Mexico*      *Midwest*      *surrealism*      *symbolism*

If you’re interested in collaborating on a project, you’d like me to create something on your behalf, or if you want to contact me for any other reason, please use the form below or find me on Twitter @wracksandruins. And please note that all images are my own unless otherwise noted. Permission for reuse must be requested.